Canadian Federal Corporation


This dataset includes over one million business and not-for-profit entities incorporated with Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada. Corporations Canada is Canada's federal corporate regulator, responsible for administering laws regarding the incorporation of Canadian businesses, except for financial intermediaries. Each corporation is registered with corporation number, corporate name, office address, current status, directors, annual filling dates, etc.

Dataset Information

Subject Economics and Industry
Jurisdiction Federal
Data Provider Corporations Canada, a division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada
Attribution Contains information licensed under the Open Government Licence - Canada.

Dataset Details

A corporation is a new legal entity created when incorporating. In Canada, a corporation has the same rights as a person. Any business and not-for-profit operating in Canada can incorporate federally. This dataset includes:

  • (1) business corporations created under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA),
  • (2) not-for-profit corporations created under the Canada Corporations Act, Part II (CCA II),
  • (3) not-for-profit corporations created under the Canada Not-for profit Corporations Act (NFP),
  • (4) cooperatives created under the Canada Cooperatives Act (COOP),
  • (5) board of trades created under the Boards of Trade Act (BOTA), and
  • (6) other corporations regulated by Corporations Canada (e.g., special act corporation).
This dataset does not include corporations created under financial legislation (such as financial institutions, insurance companies or loan and trust companies) or those created under provincial/territorial legislation or corporate legislation from another jurisdiction.

Information about federal corporations is public information, including a corporation's registered office address, and the names and addresses of its directors, as required by corporate laws that govern federal corporations. This applies even after a corporation has been dissolved, amalgamated or discontinued. Corporate information is made public to help people, like investors, financial institutions and other stakeholders, make timely and informed decisions about corporations, and let people know who is responsible for the corporation. Information and documents filed are not removed from the corporate records even when new information or documents are filed, including documents previously filed, filed for previous years or filed by mistake. Corporate laws require the public disclosure of this information.

Search Result

Corporation NameAddressIncorporation Date
Pc Lending Inc. 108 Bond Head Court, Milton, ON L9E 1G52023-08-29
Jaglion Canada Inc. 3157 Steeles Avenue West, Milton, ON L9T 2V42023-08-29
15319901 Canada Inc. 559 Beam Court, Milton, ON L9T 7K62023-08-29
AJ Smoke & More Inc. 298 Hinton Terrace, Milton, ON L9E 1C82023-08-29
15316413 Canada Inc. 50 Steeles Avenue East, Unit # 6, Milton, ON L9T 4W92023-08-28
15316928 Canada Inc. 697 Thompson Road South, Milton, ON L9T 5W82023-08-28
15318106 Canada Foundation 1105 Leger Way, Milton, ON L9E 1K72023-08-28
Andrew In Motion Inc. 1620 Leblanc Court, Milton, ON L9E 0A42023-08-27
A. D. Consultancy Inc. 1201 Chapman Cres, Milton, ON L9T 6G22023-08-27
15314917 Canada Inc. 9095 Dublin Line, Milton, ON L9T 2X72023-08-27
15312655 Canada Inc. 438 Thornborrow Court, Milton, ON L9E 1T42023-08-26
Blue Beads Inc. 275 Gooding Crescent, Milton, ON L9E 0B12023-08-25
15311071 Canada Inc. 1060 Woodward Ave, Milton, ON L9T 5P42023-08-25
15311811 Canada Inc. 577 Attenborough Terrace, Milton, ON L9T 8H62023-08-25
15312043 Canada Inc. 823 Shepherd Place, Milton, ON L9T 6L82023-08-25
North American Parts Centre Corp. 618 - 420 Main Street East, Milton, ON L9T 5G32023-08-25
MHA Financial StrategiSync Inc. 1050 Main Street East, 213, Milton, ON L9T 9M32023-08-25
15307368 Canada Inc. 799 Shortreed Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 0E92023-08-24
Supertribe Inc. 1053 Cumming Blvd, Milton, ON L9T 6S82023-08-23
Inspira Ventures Corp. 1297 Roper Drive, Milton, ON L9T 6E52023-08-23
15303303 Canada Inc. 361 Snoek Point, Milton, ON L9T 8X92023-08-23
Asn Detailing Inc. 348 McGibbon Drive, Milton, ON L9T 8V22023-08-23
15303907 Canada Inc. 327 Bessborough Drive, Milton, ON L9T 8P52023-08-23
Don Savile Inc. 1447 Rolph Terrace, Milton, ON L9T 7C92023-08-23
Milton Islamic Centre 628 Marks St., Milton, ON L9T 0P92023-08-22
15302153 Canada Inc. 1206 Main Street East Unit 216, Milton, ON L9T 9K62023-08-22
Naughty Desires Inc. 937 Nadalin Heights, Milton, ON L9T 8R22023-08-22
Master Mediaworks Inc. 356 McDougall Crossing, Milton, ON L9T 0N52023-08-21
B&H Consultants Ltd. Lott Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 7P72023-08-21
Motachi Solutions Corp. 388 Cedric Terrace, Milton, ON L9T 8P72023-08-20
15292620 Canada Inc. 1032 Barclay Circ, Milton, ON L9T 5W52023-08-18
15276683 Canada Inc. 227 Wheelihan Way, Milton, ON L0P 1B02023-08-17
Drip Social Network Inc. 1272 Sim Pl, Milton, ON L9T 7C72023-08-17
Cloud Systems Consulting Inc. 1467 Pratt Heights, Milton, ON L9E 1J32023-08-17
Trans-Sector Investments Ltd. 1466 Chretien Street, Milton, ON L9T 7K62023-08-17
15286921 Canada Inc. 1126 Norrington Place, Milton, ON L9T 5Y72023-08-16
J-ABI-DeluxPro Incorporated 937 Yates Drive, Milton, ON L9T 0C92023-08-16
Salon Kabob Inc. · Kabob lounge Inc. 230 Fennamore Terrace, Milton, ON L9T 0X72023-08-16
Kasten Care Ltd. * 526 Mockridge Terrace, Basement, Milton, ON L9T 7V22023-08-16
15284767 Canada Ltd. 522 Roseheath Drive, Milton, ON L9T 4V62023-08-16
15285658 Canada Inc. 1240 Robson Cres, Milton, ON L9T 6W12023-08-16
ECOrepono Technology Inc. 611 Kennedy Circle West, Milton, ON L9T 2X52023-08-15
VAAD Consulting Ltd. 526 Duncan Lane, Milton, ON L9T 0V82023-08-15
15283680 Canada Inc. 80 Duncan Lane, Milton, ON L9T 0R42023-08-15
Wajeeha Barakat Services Incorporated 747 Cahoun Terrace, Milton, ON L9T 7P92023-08-15
Apex Custom Goalie Mask Inc. 551 Commercial St, 49, Milton, ON L9T 4R92023-08-15
Velocity Auto Sales Inc. 108 Waters Boulevard, Milton, ON L9T 6K52023-08-14
Rokos Marketing consultancy Inc. 218 Cedric Terrace, Milton, ON L9T 7B62023-08-14
15278244 Canada Inc. 1487 Maple Avenue, Apt. 105, Milton, ON L9T 0B72023-08-14
15278392 Canada Inc. 102 Waters Boulevard, Milton, ON L9T 6K42023-08-14
Pak-Canada Travels Inc. 224 Andrews Trail, Milton, ON L9T 6S72023-08-12
15273641 Canada Inc. Milton Rpo Hawthorne, Suite 30042, Milton, ON L9T 0L82023-08-11
MCCPEN Pharmaceutical Inc. 1267 Wintergreen place, Milton, ON L9E 1S42023-08-09
15266106 Canada Inc. 499 Blinco Terrace, Milton, ON L9T 8Y72023-08-09
RPP - Research.Policy.Practice 1184 Barr Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 6X72023-08-09
Tala & Tiya Renovation & Construction Inc. 515 Bellflower Crt., Milton, ON L9E 1W52023-08-09
15263280 Canada Inc. 658 Asleton Boulevard, Milton, ON L9T 8K42023-08-08
STEM Hive Inc. 249 Septimus Heights, Milton, ON L9T 7B62023-08-07
15258995 Canada Inc. 501 Downes Jackson Heights, Milton, ON L9T 8W22023-08-06
oemge Inc. 402 Duncan Lane, Milton, ON L9T 0S92023-08-06
15259690 Canada Inc. 582 Elliott Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 3G42023-08-06
15256721 Canada Inc. 669 Armstrong Blvd, Milton, ON L9T 0H42023-08-04
15256852 Canada Inc. 877 Whitlock Avenue, Milton, ON L9E 1R72023-08-04
Digital Eggheads Inc. 545 Thompson RD S, Milton, ON L9T 7Z12023-08-04
Lex Chaoticus Inc. 11324 Second Line Nassagaweya, Milton, ON L0P 1B02023-08-04
Tritan Technologies Inc. 888 Ferguson Drive, Milton, ON L9T 6V92023-08-03
Luxerance Ltd. 497 Parent Pl, Milton, ON L9E 1L42023-08-03
Ansol Trading Inc. 1344 Roper Drive, Milton, ON L9T 6E42023-08-03
Dashmesh Logistics Inc. 9664 Guelph Line, Milton, ON L0P 1B02023-08-03
Aira Enterprises Inc. 503-1287 Costigan Road, Milton, ON L9T 9M62023-08-03
ReturnsNinja Inc. 416 Kincardine Terrace, Milton, ON L9T 8E92023-08-03
15254663 Canada Inc. 597 Bessborough Drive, Milton, ON L9T 8V92023-08-03
15248680 Canada Inc. 1287 Costigan Rd, Unit 713, Milton, ON L9T 9M62023-08-02
Wrapping Stars Corporation 432 Bessberough Dr, Milton, ON L9T 8P82023-08-02
Elite Eats Ltd. 1233 Sweetfern Cres, Milton, ON L9E 1L92023-08-02
15251044 Canada Inc. 483 Pozbou Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 8H92023-08-02
15232686 Canada Inc. 1685 Copeland Circle, Milton, ON L9T 8X82023-08-01
MeshTech Solutions Inc. 1531 Carr Landing, Milton, ON L9T 7K62023-08-01
Kemet Freight Solutions Inc. 1615 Sorensen Court, Milton, ON L9E 1G82023-08-01
15245460 Canada Inc. 1317 Restivo Lane, Milton, ON L9E 1J92023-08-01
Coyote Cooking Inc. 33 Coates Drive, Milton, ON L9T 5R72023-08-01
Apurva Business Solutions Inc. 554 Bartleman Terr, Milton, ON L9T 6Z42023-07-31
15244684 Canada Inc. 282 Martin Street, Milton, ON L9T 2R62023-07-31
BeyondMath Educational Services Foundation 348 Bronte St. South, Milton, ON L9T 5B62023-07-28
Lucid Data Hub Inc. 469 Boyd Lane, Milton, ON L9E 1X22023-07-28
15236118 Canada Inc. 817 Proud Drive, Milton, ON L9E 1S32023-07-28
Ballers Restaurant & Bar Inc. Unit 70- 6020 Derry Road, Milton, ON L9T 8L62023-07-28
Proline Film Solutions Inc. 1127 Woodward Ave, Milton, ON L9T 5Y52023-07-27
15234794 Canada Inc. 241 Whitlock Ave, Milton, ON L9E 1H92023-07-27
15230667 Canada Inc. 1315 Cartmer Way, Milton, ON L9T 6J92023-07-26
Pay Logix Inc. 1262 Ruddy Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 0H62023-07-26
Papa Path Inc. 840 Herman Way, Milton, ON L9T 2C42023-07-25
Cloudsystemtech Corp. 856 Cahoun Terrace, Milton, ON L9T 7S12023-07-24
15224047 Canada Inc. 1522 Clitherow Street, Milton, ON L9E 0B12023-07-24
15224951 Canada Inc. 11179 Derry Road, Milton, ON L9T 7J52023-07-24
Regiis Maestro Inc. 353 Cedar Hedge Road, Milton, ON L9T 8Y42023-07-24
15219248 Canada Inc. 526 Juneberry Court, Milton, ON L9E 1M72023-07-21
Guidance for Generations Charity 492 Collis Court, Milton, ON L9T 5M72023-07-21
Transpire Logistics Inc. 7692 Old Tremaine Road, Milton, ON L9E 1B62023-07-21
15218861 Canada Inc. 1419 Lobelia Cres, Milton, ON L9E 1X12023-07-21